BODEGA Delivery Service Area Map

Use this map to find out if we deliver to your area, and the Delivery Fee for your Delivery Zone.
PRO TIP: Click the SQUARE icon on the top right corner of the map to view this map on your Google Maps app, then type in your Address/Zip Code.
If you're located within a Delivery Zone, we delivery to your area!


Zone 1 (GREEN): $7 Delivery Fee, No Order Minimum (The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, Pelham & surrounding areas)
Zone 2 (YELLOW): $10 Delivery Fee, $30 Order Minimum (parts Westchester County)
Zone 3 (ORANGE): $13 Delivery Fee, $35 Order Minimum (parts of Long Island)
Zone 4 (RED): $15 Delivery Fee, $40 Order Minimum (Staten Island, parts of NJ: Bergen County, Hudson County)