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Monthly Vegan Night Markets throughout NYC, featuring some of the best VEGAN VENDORS from all over New York & beyond.


Thank you for being interested in joining No Carne MARKET, our VEGAN Night Market event series. Be sure to read through, as you may find answers to some of your questions. You can also go to our FAQs page or Contact Us for more info.

With No Carne MARKET, our mission is to put a spin on the pop-up shop concept. We aim to host VEGAN Night Markets that represent the culture. To us, when we say "the culture", we're not only referring to our culture, but yours as well. It is important for us to work with and highlight a variety of vendors, from all walks of life, in an effort to bring as many people together for a vegan lifestyle experience and a night to remember.

What We Do

At No Carne, we aim to find solutions to the common pain points of the average vendor. Priscilla and I have experience doing several events, and although they've all been great, we've always noticed how things could be just a little bit better for everyone. That's what lead us the idea for No Carne MARKET.
We simply to just want to bring value to chefs, brands and all other vendors, while creating a memorable experience for our guests. We offer DISCOUNTS to all Vendors, and we offer $3 OFF discounts at ANY Vendor Booth to all attendees who RSVP (free), and most importantly, WE cover those discounts, so vendors don't have to lose any of their sales.
We also run PAID Ads on our Instagram accounts, directly targeted to the people who would benefit from our MARKETs the most. Our job is to reach our collective audience with the goal of always having different incentives for people to want to attend AND shop at our events. We also have experience creating high quality social media content. Since we will be documenting the event, there will be plenty of photos and videos available for everyone who joins.



We want everyone to know that No Carne is about building community, and helping raise awareness of what it means to be vegan. Because of this, we are more than happy to WAIVE ALL VENDOR FEES for NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS, etc. wishing to participate in our events. We will always have 1-3 spaces available at each event for non-profits. We also have discounts and incentives to help reduce Vendor Fees for everyone. We encourage you to reach out to us by email at AFTER you have submitted your vendor form.

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