MARKET Partners

Are you a well known BRAND or CHEF interested in participating in our MARKET?
Or maybe your just starting out and you would like to grow with us.
At No Carne, we aim to find solutions to the common pain points of the average vendor. Priscilla and I have experience doing several events, and although they've all been great, we've always noticed how things could be just a little bit better for everyone. That's what lead us the idea for No Carne MARKET.
We simply to just want to bring value to chefs, brands and all other vendors, while creating a memorable experience for our guests. We offer DISCOUNTS to all Vendors, and we offer $3 OFF discounts at ANY Vendor Booth to all attendees who RSVP, and most importantly, WE cover those discounts, so vendors don't have to lose any of their sales.
We also run PAID Ads on our Instagram accounts, directly targeted to the people who would benefit from our MARKETs the most. Our job is to reach our collective audience with the goal of always having different incentives for people to want to attend AND shop at our events. We also special is social media content. Since we will be documenting the event, there will be plenty of photos and videos available for everyone who joins.
With our MARKET Partnerships, we aim to bring even more value by working together with established brands and chefs, as well as new vendors who are just getting started.
We have 3 different MARKET Partnerships available:
MARKET Partner (Established Brands/Chefs)
MARKET Influencer (Popular Vendor)
MARKET Start-Up (New Vendor)
If we have already reached out to you, then it's likely we discussed the type of Partnership that might be right for you, but if we haven't contacted you, we encourage you to email us at MARKET@NoCarne.NYC We would love to find ways in which we can work together. You can also fill out the form below if you'd like to expedite the process, or when we are ready to move forward with a Partnership.